Our History began ten years ago in Jalisco Mexico, the land of Agave, the plant that gives birth to Tequila, that unique and world known spirit.
It is in that land that Mayakoba liqueur made with tequila is first produced following an old recipe that combines fruit and Tequila with a unique kind of infusing and adding flavors to the Tequila and making it smooth (only 28 proof).
Soursop is an exotic tropical fruit that has a unique sweet sour flavor and some people say it has aphrodisiac characteristics, it grows in the tropical regions of the Americas and it is very popular in those places.
It was time ago when we tried to combine in a unique way Soursop and other fruits with Tequila, resulting of this a very unique drink with a distinctive flavor becoming very popular in places like Cancun, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, places that are visited by people from all over the world and are always looking for different ways to try our Mexican spirit Tequila.
About five years ago we started our journey to take our product to other Countries, especially to the USA, it has been a very rough and long and difficult journey but finally we are proud to be here and match our long time goal, to be available to all the people that very nicely have asked over this time to have Mayakoba available for purchase here in USA, to all the people who has believe in us thanks, a for those who have constantly ask by e-mail updates and info we have gifts and specials as a thank you for your patience and for taking the time to contact us and for those nice comments on our products.
Mayakoba Soursop is the first product and flavor to be available for purchases in the USA, we will be posting here and on our social media updates and news of new flavors like passion fruit (Maracuya) and Coffee coming soon.
Sincerely to all of you thanks a lot you give us the strength to keep up.