Soursop Infused Tequila Liqueur



Mayakoba Soursop Infused tequila Liqueur is a Premium Spirit and combines the best Silver Tequila and Soursop (Guanabana) an exotic fruit from Dominican Republic, South America and of course Mexico

Mayakoba Signature

2 OZ Mayakoba Soursop
1/2 Oz Fresh Lemon
Add all in a blender and Enjoy!!

Mayakoba cranberry

2 Oz Mayakoba Soursop
1 Oz. Cranberry juice
2 Drops of Fresh Lemon 
Mix  ingredients in a Shaker with ice, shake them and serve!

Mayakoba Blackberry

2 Oz Mayakoba Soursop
1/2 oz Blackberry juice. 
Mix ingredients in a shaker with ice, shake them and serve!

Made only with the best blue Agave from
the high lands of Jalisco Mexico